Tackable “TapsIn” to Bay Area News!

By Michael Erwin






“I’ve waited two years to write this: WE. ARE. LIVE.”- Luke Stangel

That was the first Facebook update from Tackable co-founder and LMGPR alum Luke Stangel as TapIn Bay Area, a news-generating mobile app, went live Tuesday July 12th.

TapIn Bay Area is the product of a partnership between Tackable and the California Newspapers partnership that includes the San Jose Mercury News. The app for news junkies allows users to contribute photos and information about news in their areas. In addition, people can request news information with the hope that someone in that particular area can provide a real time update.







There’s more to TapIn Bay Area than just breaking news however. The interactive map also links to other news stories of the day, happening events, restaurant and movie listings, and one of the hottest social media trends right now: coupons and daily deals.

The end result is that TapIn Bay Area amounts to a real time digital newspaper. The app is currently free from the App Store with the intention of adding a future $4.95 monthly subscription fee. Those who post photos or contribute other content will earn points. Those points can then potentially be used toward free subscriptions. TapIn is also looking to generate revenue through local advertising, coupons and classifieds.

TapIn Bay Area is the first app of its kind and is looking beyond the Bay Area. The hope is that other newspaper groups will look to adopt the innovative technology, realizing that interactive newspapers may well be the future.

LMGPR would like to extend its warmest congratulations to Luke Stangel and the entire Tackable team. It’s been a long road, but well worth the wait! All the best!


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